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Outwork. Outlast. Outplay.


NESYB HOOPS is a youth basketball organization offering year-round basketball opportunities for boys and girls 1st-11th grade (7u-17u age groups). For over 25 years, our mission has been to influence the lives of athletes using basketball as a tool for developing positive members of the community. Our focus is not only on basketball, but overall youth development and an emphasis on academic excellence. We strongly believe in building a culture based around an outwork, outlast, and outplay mentality.

We are always looking for community members to serve as program coaches. NESYB HOOPS coaches teach through passionate leadership and mentorship on and off the court. We push our coaches to focus on team and player development through purposeful practice plans based on Read and React basketball principals.

We focus on developing athletes and equipping them with the tangible and intangible skills necessary to play basketball at the appropriate level. Our hope is to prepare athletes for success in a competitive, high-pressure world. In addition, we aim to grow fundamentally sound players who play & practice with great effort, have high basketball IQs, and possess the qualities needed to succeed in basketball and life.

NESYB Hoops Programs

Fall/Winter Season

The fall/winter season  runs from October through March with team placement events in September. Athletes looking to play fall/winter ball should attend a placement event (follow us on social media for times and locations).

The fall/winter season consists of local and travel team options for 3rd -8th grade boys and girls. Teams compete in local league play with two-1.5hr scheduled practices per week.

The fall/winter season focuses on fundamental development, team building and skill enhancement for players of all skill levels.

*Exposure schedules offered for travel tournament teams if roster permits.

Spring/Summer Season

The spring/summer season runs from late March through July with tryouts in March (follow us on social media for times and locations).

The spring/summer season consists of local and travel team options. Rosters are limited to 10 players to optimize player and team development, effort and exposure.

Bitty Ball

Click here for 2022 Bitty Ball Schedule

Bitty Ball is a 6-week developmental basketball program for 1st - 4th grade boys and girls. Our focus is creating fun, high energy, learning environments for all participants. Bitty Ball was created to help establish a basketball foundation and passion in younger players.

The first 3-weeks are practice based and consist of player development with an introduction to basketball fundamentals. The last 3-weeks are game weeks, teams are formed based on Bitty Ball participant numbers and age. One 36-minute game will be played on Sundays for each team (schedules come out in week 3).

Teams consist of 8 players (if numbers allow) playing 4 vs 4 while rotating every 4-6 minutes to ensure equal court time. A score clock will be present for time keeping (not score) to help ensure equal time on the court.

T-shirts are provided for all participants

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